Erika Hicks founded her label in 2014 after attending Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. With the initial design intent to simply create emotional beautifully hand-crafted clothing, Erika soon came to terms to the environmental impact a single garment poses.

Changing the trajectory of the Brand has been a great compromise, but a meaningful journey. The Brand is committed to 


" Enough of senseless, destructive clothing. I want you to wear a story and I want you to be the storyteller. Some stories will be painful, some will be healing. But the point is to spark a conversation that will lead to a more conscious mind  " 

             - Creative Director, Erika Hicks




Our deep rooted mission is to provide our clients with emotional clothes that tell the story of culture and humanity.

The world doesn’t need just another beautiful garment. In our eyes, the world doesn’t need another garment at all! So, we have committed ourselves to turn our artistry into an impactful mission that inspires.

At Milele Atelier, we recognize that our planet is our first home. Our impact on the world is greater today than ever before. We are constantly moving towards more sustainable practices. Our goal is to have a transparent footprint that allows our clients full visibility of a garments journey to its forever home.

Working with local artisans and communities that share our same values help support this great initiative to reduce our carbon footprint. Milele Atelier, will also support campaigns that spark global initiatives for a healthier planet. 15% of all proceeds will go directly to these beautiful missions.

Our end goal is to be kind to our environment, we only have one. As we embark on the journey, we will keep you up to speed on our growth and progress.