Beautiful Holiday house located in Ølen, Rogaland. The cabin is a newly
renovated old house with high standard on the Vik family farm. 
The surrounding area is beautiful panoramic view of the Norwegian 
countryside, with excellent opportunities for hiking, sea fishing, 
and short walks. One room offers two double beds while the remaining 4 rooms offer single beds. Bring the entire 
family and friends, it's plenty of room for everyone. Bonfires and great story telling could make 
for a great nightcap. The location is 1 hour drive from Haugesund airport and 2 hours drive from
Stavanger airport, and 3.5 hours drive from Bergen airport.

Ølen is also a good starting point for day trips to nearby tourist attractions, like Folgefonna 
glacier, Trolltungain Odda, Langfoss & Låtefoss waterfall, Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). The house 
owners are very helpful in planning your trips. The house is available both for short term and 
long term stays.

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The official name for the boulder – is located on the edge of the Kjerag mountain in 
Rogaland, Norway. It is situated more than 3,500ft above sea level and is a popular photo 
spot for thrill-seekers After the last ice age, global warming caused a rise in sea level,
flooding the fjords.

The boulder was deposited during the last glacial period, at around 50,000 B.C.[3] As the 
Norwegian Glacier melted, it was accompanied by a rebound in rock formations as the 
ice was removed.In Kjeragbolten's case, the rebound was actually faster than the
rising sea level, which wedged the rock into its currentposition.


Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular scenic cliffs in Norway. The Cliff is situatedabout 1100 meters above sea level, hovering 700 metres above lake Ringedalsvatnet. The cliff is part of the precambrian bedrock and was formed during the ice age, approximately 10,000 years ago The view is simply breathtaking.

The hike starts in Skjeggedal and goes through the high mountains, takes 10-12 hours (22 km in total to Trolltunga and return) and the ascent is about 900 meters. It is a long and hard hike. The hike is usually possible to do from mid-June to mid-September, depending on when the snow melts in the mountains.

Consider carefully whether you are in good enough shape and have the right equipment before setting out. There is no mobile phone coverage along the route. You will need proper gear and be prepared for bad weather. Nature based activities are at your own risk. Respect the nature. ,)


Aurora Borealis A simple days drive to Lofoten Islands from Rogaland will give you the chance to catch the worlds best light show in Norway.

The aurora borealis occurs when storms on the sun hurls charged solar particles out into space. When these particles collide with earth’s atmosphere, they unleash a reaction within the nitrogen and oxygen atoms high above the earth. As a result of this collusion we see vibrant hues of green ,purple, red and yellows across the evening sky.

These is a show you simply can't miss! Too learn more click on the green light in the sky.




Fårikål (pronounced "forrycall") is a traditional Norwegian dish, consisting of layers of lamb, 
cabbage, whole black pepper and often a little wheat flour, cooked for several hours in a 
casserole, traditionally served with potatoes boiled in their jackets. 

September is the month when farmers in Norway bring their sheep down from their summer 
grazing pastures high up in the majestic mountains. The sheep have spent this time eating 
grass that is often intermingled with wild herbs. This has the effect of imparting such a 
wonderfully mild and fragrant aroma to the meat. As a result, Norwegian lamb is some of the
best in the world. 

There's nothing better to celebrate this wonderful bounty than making fårikål, a traditional 
Norwegian meal of lamb and cabbage (in fact the name, "fårikål", means just that - "sheep
in cabbage"). 

Fårikål is originally a dish from the Western part of Norway, but is now enjoyed in all parts of 
the country. Fårikål Feast Day is celebrated on the last Thursday in September each year.






Black Scarab 
Mohair Coat






Gabi Cutout

Suede Ankle Boots