“ The Sankofa Bird reminds us that we must continue to move forward as we remember our past. As we grow, we plant a seed for the future generations that come after us.”



the milele map

We encourage our clients and guest to click on a nation to explore our ancestral history. Our Map looks different than the traditional maps. Read more about this difference below. remember to do your own research and pass along the knowledge . this is an extensive project that requires a tribe to complete. if you have any factual information you would like to contribute, please email us.

If you are using a mobile device, zoom in for a larger view of the countries.


why does our map look different?

Mercator and Robinson are traditional map projections, that tend to show countries incorrectly in proportion to one another. These are the maps you are most familiar with! For territories located in high latitudes, the land is often times exaggerated making tropical equatorial lands appear much smaller than they are. Our Map is displayed in the peter’s scale. This map unveils the true proportions and sizes of all land masses. it’s important for you to understand the world you live in.

now look how massive afrika really is!